Our Vision

Tactic is building the Web3 financial operating system to power the next generation of businesses built on blockchains.

Tactic saves businesses hours every month with a crypto accounting platform that seamlessly integrates with the rest of the accounting stack.

Our Team

Ann Jaskiw

Engineer; architect of data pipelines and new office space; still trying to figure out Twitter

John Dempsey
Strategy & Ops

Wearer of many hats; overseer of most things non-engineering; enjoys picking up heavy things

Ivan Ivanov

Expert tinkerer; tech tactician; forever finding more reasons to say “even so...”

Sanjay Iyer

Growth and partnerships guru; serial international trip planner; avid golfer and skier

Dipika Kumar, CPA

Explorer of blocks; cooks data for insights; fancy coffee connoisseur; laughs in uncomfortable situations

Ezra Baydur

Mechanical engineer turned PM; chief ticket creator; keyboard shortcut amasser; homebrewer

Christina Yang

Half-stack developer aspiring to be full-stack; hot pot aficionado; slightly competitive about Peloton

Drew Mowrey, CFA

Crypto accounting and tax extraordinaire; devoted to optimizing start-ups; proud cat dad

Trang Tran

All-powerful Figma overlord; always making things prettier; yet another cat owner

Paul You

Statistician turned engineer; bashes keys to make things happen; nurturer of pets, plants, and fermented things

Matt Kohn

CSS slayer; in-house technical accountant; devoted to office feng shui; amateur horticulturist

Shawn Fateh, JD

Recovering lawyer that still dabbles in legal things; jack of all trades; a little loud

Michael Vincent

Engineer and front-end enthusiast; in search of the best iced oat milk latte; dabbles in improv

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and the founders of leading web3 companies

Our Values

Bias for Action

We index on lightweight process that allow us to get sh*t done. Putting something out in the world and getting feedback early is the best way to know whether we’re on the right path.

Intellectual Curiosity

It’s better to say “I don’t know” than to assume you have all the answers. Keep asking “why?”

Empathetic Candor

Always assume people’s intentions are positive for Tactic. Embrace a culture that is open to giving and receiving feedback, recognizing we can always improve.

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